ART DUBAI  2024 

28 February – 3 March, 2024 
Madinat Jumeira, Dubai
Booth B13


Zawyeh Gallery is pleased to present works by three Palestinian artists: Bashir Makhoul, Khaled Hourani, and Saher Nassar.

Bashir Makhoul participates with the series “The Promise,” where he explores the intersections between Western abstract painting and Middle and Far Eastern traditions. The paintings blur the boundaries between ornamentation and functionality, pattern and abstraction. The petals, faithfully rendered in oils, initially appear abstracted on a flattened surface, revealing photorealistic details upon closer inspection. The paintings, like Makhoul’s previous work, offer varying interpretations, possibly hinting at political references related to the Palestinian context.

Khaled Hourani presents “Watermelon Flag,” a set of six silkscreen pieces that creatively interpret the colors of the Palestinian flag. The choice of watermelon, with its red, green, black, and white hues, symbolically represents the Palestinian flag. This artwork narrates the story of a historical period when the flag’s colors held significant meaning, particularly during the time when the Israeli occupation had banned the use of these flag colors in paintings. Hourani also participates with another work titled “Jerusalem Milestone from Dubai,” part of his series “The Road to Jerusalem,” initiated by the artist in connection with Jerusalem being the Arab Capital of Culture in 2009.

Saher Nassar explores the intricacies of blockade, shedding light on its profound impact on society and vividly illustrates the tragic overshadowing of children’s welfare by aggression and violence. It carefully scrutinizes how the mechanisms of blockade stifle communal growth and suffocate individual potential through physical, cultural, and media-based barriers imposed by the powerful.

In challenging environments marked by unsettling conditions and landscapes dominated by war and crime, the prevailing circumstances often render speaking out impossible, memes emerge as a powerful tool. In our today’s communication memes became very powerful tools of expression, offering a seemingly harmless yet effective way to poke fun at matters that are otherwise considered too serious or perilous to touch on directly.