Bending Toward the Sun by Yazan Abu Salameh at Zawyeh Gallery, Dubai | Ramallah


22 JUNE - 30 OCTOBER 2023


Zawyeh Gallery is pleased to present a virtual exhibition titled ‘Reflections in Free Fall’ by Palestinian artist Bashir Qonqar.

In ‘Reflections in Free Fall,’ Bashir Qonqar invites us to delve into the social tapestry of our existence, exploring the intricate threads that bind individuals within a society. Through his astute observations and nuanced reflections, Qonqar employs various techniques and mediums, including painting, drawing, digital work, filmmaking, music, and performance, to engage with the multifaceted nature of human interactions.

Qonqar’s ‘Free Fall’ project, initiated in 2013 and still evolving, emerged from a series of paintings that serve as a testament to Qonqar’s artistic vision. In this ongoing exploration, geographical boundaries dissolve, and the place itself becomes an ethereal reflection of our collective essence. The canvas transforms into a mirror, a stark reminder that there is no escape from the truths embedded within us.

In this exhibition, Qonqar masterfully illustrates the absurdity that permeates our world, deftly highlighting the schism between societal norms and individual morals. Vibrant and provocative, his use of color seeks to preserve the beauty and joy found within the visual spectrum, offering a striking contrast to the content of the paintings themselves. This intentional juxtaposition serves as a candid acknowledgment of the ghostliness that often lurks beneath the surface of reality.

Having left Palestine in 2018 and subsequently settling in Bad Goisern, Austria, Qonqar found himself immersed in a new environment surrounded by trees and woods. Through his exploration of these natural elements, he discovered that he was inadvertently delving into his own personal narrative. In this introspective journey, Qonqar’s artwork becomes a reflection of his own experiences, fears, weaknesses, and strengths, intertwining the universal and the personal in a captivating display.