Zohdy Qadry was born in 1972 in Nahf, a village in the Galilee and studied art in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since returning home in 2004, he has worked prolifically, exploring personal emotions and experiences, often speaking about the feelings of numbness and abhorrence that engulfs him while witnessing the tragic situation of the Palestinian people. These emotions are best depicted in his large, abstract expressionist canvasses, which have become his trademark. The juxtaposition of forms and styles dominate his work as he continues to seek explanations beyond the norm.

Qadry brings back in his latest works the idea of the “Non-Subject”, a notion that is biased towards the freedom of art and its absolute commitment to morality in a world that does not control this absent language; testing experimental tools that flow between the abstraction of the body and the rigidness of geometry as a product of power between shapes and colors.

His work expresses logic of formation, featuring shapes, forms and volumes that build artistic scenes before a meaning or interpretation has to be given to them.

“As a painter, I strive to formulate numerous questions – and answers – as part of the format of painting, rather than cling to artistic or social laws and values intended to dominate me and dictate my fate.”

Zohdy Qadry has exhibited widely both at home and internationally, including in Dubai, USA and France.