Nasser Soumi was born in Palestine in 1948. He studied art at the National School of Fine Arts in Damascus, Syria, from1971 to 1977, continuing his studies at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris France, from 1980 to 1982. Soumi is a painter and primarily an installation artist. He transforms a variety of ordinary materials into works of art. His work is an assembling of “eclectic and handmade objects”. His use of the different tones of the indigo blue colour evokes the Mediterranean Sea and gives an impression of navigation and nomadic movement towards a faraway land.

Driven by my intuition, I express myself through my art in order to understand my being and comprehend the universe. I look and search for the distant and the near, the visible and the invisible. The distant for me is the exterior that relates to the whole universe whereas the near is inside, buried within me. As an experimental artist, I venture in various disciplines to relay my feelings, enlarge my knowledge and share it with others. I yearn to understand from where we came and where we are going. I often refer to the astronomer Hubert Reeves who once said: “We are the dust of the universe.” – Nasser Soumi