Mohammad Abusal (b. 1976, Gaza) began his career with daring and intensity coming onto the scene in 2000 with a rush of works that have yet to cease. In 2005 Abusal was awarded the Charles Aspry Prize for Contemporary Art, and his works continue to garner critical attention. Though his style has been refined through self-study and a number of international workshops, Abusal’s works retain their early urgent edge.

At play in Abusal’s projects –which variously combine installation, video, photography and painted works—are questions of technology and the permissible. He mixes the fantastic with the everyday, always with the aim of critical commentary on contemporary life in his native Gaza.

In “Metro in Gaza” (2012) works imagined a series of seven underground stations that would connect Gaza City to Jerusalem to Rafah and the north. “Shambar” (2013) find the light in Gaza’s blackouts, with stunning photographs that capture the vibrant homes and shops where the city comes to life; be it by candle light, generator, or streams of illuminated holiday garlands.

Abusal has exhibited at Al-Mamal Foundation in Jerusalem, and the French Institute in Gaza, Ramallah, and Nablus. Outside of Palestine Abusal has had several solo exhibitions in France, the US, UK, Australia, and Dubai. He is a co-founder of the contemporary art collective, Eltiqa.