Mahmoud Qais was born in Nahaf in 1985. He attained his MFA degree from Haifa University in 2015. Mahmoud Qais participated in many exhibitions locally and internationally including “The Readymade Centennial”, Haifa Museum (2013), “Young Palestinian Art” in Jaffa Salon for Palestinian Art (2011), Homebase Project in Berlin (2010), “Taamulat” at Abdaa Association Gallery in Kafr Yassif (2007). Mahmoud Qais is a multi-talented artist, for he is a painter and sculptor. His work incorporates the various formal and thematic elements and emphasises subjects related to construction and deconstruction. His concrete works are most identified with the brutalistic architecture adopted and nationalized by architects in the first decades after the Nakba – also alludes to the way it was used as a tool of destruction under the guise of acts of construction naturalized as a means to achieve the explicit goal of building the country over the ruins of Palestinian-Arab society, thereby facilitating the pro- cess of appropriation of Palestinian-Arab space. Mahmoud Qais lives and works in Haifa.